Conference Team


Dorcas Ng'ang'a

Dorcas Ng'ang'a, an MBA student in her fourth semester from Nairobi, Kenya. She has been actively engaged with the Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning (OCCEL) since her very first semester. Dorcas is deeply committed to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive student experience at Vancouver Island University. In addition to her role with VILC, she takes on leadership responsibilities within the VIU Student Union and Senate. Her varied experiences and dedication make her an asset to the VIU community.


Reese Braybrook

Reese Braybrook, a Criminology student in her 3rd year from Nanaimo BC. She has been actively engaged with the Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning (OCCEL) since her first year at VIU. Beyond her academics and OCCEL, Reese has been on the VILC team for 3 years and can’t wait to foster more leadership growth and change. Outside of VILC, Reese is active in the community with community growth and volunteering.

Community Outreach Leader

Saranya Parthiban

Hi, I’m Saranya Parthiban, an MCP student at VIU. I am the community outreach leader for VILC 2024. I’m currently on my thesis topic and also I have a background in Architecture so you will see me staring at random buildings, cityscapes or dead grass. I am thrilled to join the VILC planning team and can’t wait to meet you all!

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Ataene Dienye

Yo, my name is Ataene Dienye. I am a third year Digital Media Studies student at VIU. I will be the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for Vancouver Island Leadership Conference, 2024. I am an artist, and I enjoy exploring different avenues to express my creativity. The entertainment industry holds a special place in my heart serving as a major source of my inspiration, especially from games and movies. I also seek to enhance my skills in the realm of technology. I look forward to meeting you all in this year's conference!

Registration & Logistics Coordinator

Natasha Ladouceur

Hi, my name is Natasha Ladouceur, and I am a graduating student in Psychology at VIU. I am the External Community Outreach Leader for VILC 2024. A little about me: I am deeply passionate about research, leadership, and co-curricular involvement. I look forward to being part of this amazing team and welcoming student leaders to the conference.

Special Project Coordinator

Ayush Mathur

I'm Ayush, an MBA candidate at Vancouver Island University. I'm excited to serve as a Project Coordinator for the Vancouver Island Leadership Conference (VILC) 2024. I have a rich background in engineering and project management. Alongside my technical skills, I have a passion for music and enjoy playing the guitar. I look forward to meeting you all at the event.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Phyllis Kimani

Hi, I am Phyllis Kimani, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) Student at VIU. I will be the Sponsorship Coordinator for the Vancouver Island Leadership Conference, 2024 Executive Planning team.  I am in the 4th semester of my course and have a Marketing and Strategic Partnerships background. I am also the Vice President of External Affairs of the VIU MBA Association. I most recently was the Spirit Team Captain of the VIU BC MBA Games 2023, representing VIU at the BC MBA Games. When I am not buried in my books you can find me outdoors, enjoying the beautiful city 🌻. I especially enjoy travelling 🧳and discovering new places. Looking forward to meeting you all at this year’s conference!

Registration & Logistics Coordinator

Valentina Farfan

Hola! I'm Valentina Farfan Santofimio, a Colombian girl currently in my third year at Vancouver Island University, pursuing my degree in International Business as part of the Bachelor of Business Administration program. As the Registration and Logistics Coordinator for VILC 2024, I'm thrilled to be involved in organizing this exciting event! A little about me: I'm a multilingual speaker, fluent in three and intermediate in two languages, which has opened up so many opportunities for me, both personally and professionally. I actually graduated from school in Toronto, so I've had the chance to experience different parts of Canada during my studies. I'm genuinely looking forward to being part of this year's VILC team and contributing to the success of the conference. It's going to be an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow students, professionals, and industry experts from around the world. I can't wait to meet everyone and make this year's conference unforgettable!

Finance Coordinator

Sumithra Rajendra

Hey there! I'm Sumithra Rajendra, an MBA student at VIU, and I'm excited to be the Finance Coordinator for the VILC 2024 planning team. Currently cruising through my 4th semester with a background in operations, I also have a knack for blogging. When I'm not buried in books, I'm busy whipping up delicious meals and treats in the kitchen. Can't wait to meet you all at VILC!