Explore - Discover - Inspire

March 08-09, 2019

Vancouver Island University, through the Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning, will host the 11th annual Vancouver Island Leadership Conference (VILC). The VILC is a student led, non-profit conference that aims to connect students with a passion for leadership and engage the local community business networks. It is our mission to provide students with the best tools to not only build a better community through leadership but also to empower diverse thinking in the ever-changing world.


This year's theme is "Explore, Discover, Inspire." The VILC Organizing Team seeks to highlight the themes meaning to individuals. To explore their surroundings and to look inwards, to discover more about their surroundings and themselves, and to inspire and lead those around them to do the same.



Vancouver Island is truly a beautiful place, home to many talented and inspiring individuals. We seek to highlight the value of exploration, of both the area and of yourself, so that you may come across those hidden gems, both without and within, that bring awe and inspiration.


The discovery of new locations and character traits is often a vastly rewarding experience, inciting much excitement within the explorer. By discovering areas previously unknown and unseen, we encourage our participants to continue pushing the envelope and pursuing growth enriched with life.


Once inspired, it then becomes our responsibility to inspire others and encourage them to pursue their future endeavors. By sharing our own knowledge, experiences, and discoveries, we can help others in the pursuit their true potential.